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Experience the Donaldson Difference

Donaldson’s expertise encompasses all disciplines of real estate investment and management, including property management, asset management, financial management, construction management, acquisitions, and due diligence. Our seasoned professionals have proven, hands-on operational experience that has yielded decades of success in acquiring and repositioning assets in the Mid-Atlantic multifamily market. Our personalized approach to management, along with our commitment to integrity, accountability, and transparency, gives our clients peace of mind.

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Property Management

Once a project enters the Donaldson management portfolio and we have helped the client establish an individualized investment, financing, and value-enhancing strategy, we utilize our integrated property management platform to proactively manage and execute the defined strategy. In addition to customized reporting, our personalized approach to management includes monthly in-person statement meetings, monthly construction meetings (as applicable), weekly management calls, and bi-annual property inspections. The client’s needs dictate how involved they are in these processes–you are always welcome to participate in-person, through video conference call, or over the phone.

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Asset Management

At Donaldson, we provide our clients with a full range of asset management services focused on maximizing your property’s value over the long-term. Using expertly sourced data, local and national trends, and the latest industry insights, we help you strategically position your property for continuing success.

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Financial Management

Donaldson is proud to offer expert, in-house real estate accounting services, decreasing the lag time between transactions and reports so our clients have accurate, timely data. Our dedicated team of multi-family accounting specialists provides best-in-class, personalized financial services which can easily be tailored to each client’s specialized needs.

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Acquisition and Due Diligence

With our integrated acquisitions and due diligence platform, Donaldson can quickly and thoroughly evaluate potential opportunities. We are proud to offer our clients comprehensive acquisition and due diligence services, including thorough, in-person due diligence inspections and reporting, investment underwriting, value-add renovation recommendations, and everything else you may need to successfully acquire an asset and execute your business strategy.

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Construction Management

Donaldson offers in-house construction and renovation management, providing seamless, reliable, and cost-effective renovation solutions with minimal disruption to residents and operations. Each project is developed with the owner’s business plan in mind, and the efficacy of the project can be measured in real-time with comprehensive existing operations and construction management reporting. Because we are all one team and have unity as a mindset, Donaldson can avoid costly time-delays, miscommunications, and customer service issues during any renovation processes.

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Case Studies

Donaldson has earned a reputation for integrity and excellence in over two decades of analysis, acquisition, and management. We are proud of our accomplishments and the value we bring to our clients–your success is our success! Our average annual NOI growth over the past 10 years of 7.1% is just one measurement of our continued success repositioning assets to maximize their value. Please browse our Case Studies page to see featured property achievements.

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