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Property Management

Donaldson provides comprehensive property management solutions implemented by our team of knowledgeable and dedicated real estate management professionals. Every day, we strive to provide our clients, residents, and team members with exceptional service and outstanding results.

Services Include:

  • Marketing Plans and Advertising Campaigns
  • Market Surveys and Rent Schedules
  • Enforcing Effective Leasing Standards
  • Rent Collection and Bad Debt Policies and Procedures
  • Comprehensive Repair and Preventive Maintenance Programs
  • Detailed Property Inspections and Physical Condition Reports
  • Programs for Purchasing and Contracting Services
  • Navigating Complex Regulatory and Compliance Requirements including EEO, EHO, HUD, MDE, OSHA and More
  • Human Resource Management and Comprehensive Training Programs for All Employees
A swimming pool outside of a Donaldson apartment community
Average Annual NOI Growth for Last 10 Years
A living room and dining area of a Donaldson apartment community
A swimming pool outside of a Donaldson apartment community
A living room and dining area of a Donaldson apartment community
Average Annual NOI Growth for Last 10 Years

Your Partner for Creating Opportunity

Donaldson’s Management Team boasts some of the best in the business. On average, our Regional Property Managers have well over fifteen years of property management experience and hold professional designations from industry groups such as IREM®, NAHMA™ and SHCM®. Many of our Regional and Site Managers have long tenures at Donaldson, giving our teams stability in an often-volatile employee market. To provide exceptional service, our Regional Managers embrace a pro-active, hands-on approach, spending much of their time physically at the properties they manage, allowing them to remain in constant communication with the on-site management teams they supervise and support.

Donaldson stands apart from our competitors because of the partnership we forge with our clients. We keep you fully informed of the operations and financial results for your assets through:

  • Making our clients an integral part of the management process
  • Detailed Spring and Fall inspections of all assets by our Senior Executives
  • Annual strategy and budget meetings to produce a comprehensive budget and business plan for each asset
  • Monthly financial, operational, and marketing meetings to review each asset’s performance
  • Weekly meetings during any period of rehabilitation or repositioning of a property to assess construction and leasing programs
  • Adaptability–we know there is more than one way to get to a desired outcome
  • Customizable reporting platforms
  • Responsive team members
  • A singular commitment to integrity, transparency, and accountability

Our track record speaks volumes. Over the past ten years, our portfolio saw an 7.1% average NOI growth (same-store sales, no lease-ups included).

Learn how we can tailor our services to meet your strategic goals.

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