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Construction Management

Donaldson offers construction management and in-house renovation and rehabilitation services that:

  • Assist our clients with developing accurate scopes of work and budgets to optimize the ROI for capital improvements
  • Prepare and review plans, specifications, and architectural drawings
  • Provide a realistic and thoughtful timeline for work that allows the shortest possible vacancy period or disruption to the asset
  • Manage contracts and lien waivers, as well as insurance, compliance, warranty and other necessary documentation
  • Take care of any permitting and local construction requirements
  • Leverage the highest quality work for competitive rates
  • Communicate project progress through regular reporting, project management meetings, and conference calls.

Donaldson is known for its many successful central boiler conversion projects in the Mid-Atlantic region. We have multiple experienced construction managers well-versed in how to work with local utility providers to install individually-metered heat pumps, tankless water heaters, and other solutions to provide residents with more control over their utility consumption, owners with the ability to retire outdated and inefficient central boilers, and greater natural resource conservation.

Services Include:

  • Third-party Construction and Rehabilitation Management
  • In-house Construction & Rehabilitation Services
  • Specialized Engineering & Consulting Services
  • Useful Life Expectancy Projections
  • Comprehensive Property Inspections & Condition Evaluations
  • Central Boiler Conversion Projects
  • Zoning & Permitting Services
  • Developing Capital Improvements Budgets and Timelines
  • Providing Construction/Renovation Reports
  • Coordinating Lender Replacement Reserve & Hold-backs
  • Construction Financial Management
  • New Clubhouse and Rental Office Construction
28.1% IRR
Weighted Average Leveraged IRR
7.1% NOI
10 Year Average Annual Growth Rate
A swimming pool and lounge chairs on a sunny day
A swimming pool and lounge chairs on a sunny day
28.1% IRR
Weighted Average Leveraged IRR
7.1% NOI
10 Year Average Annual Growth Rate

Your Partner In Building Opportunity

Donaldson has executed over $400 million in construction and renovation work. Past projects include complete interior unit rehabs, remodeled lobbies and common areas, exterior building and site upgrades, structural repairs, central boiler conversions to individual mechanical systems, new construction of free-standing rental offices and clubhouses, and much more.

Learn how we can help optimize your investment through strategic renovations.

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